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10 Ways NYCPA Membership Can Help You

  1. Stay up to date on the latest conditions in the legal profession.
  2. Be among the first to know about changes in job requirements, current status of “issues” within the paralegal profession, new resources for legal research, etc.
  3. Network with your peers - personally developed professional relationships brings endless benefits.
  4. Learn about new technologies - new and evolving hardware, software, and research tools to help you work smarter.
  5. Gain access to other paralegals who you can use as information resources when performing your job. Our forums and social media networks bring you in touch with paralegal who have the answers you seek.
  6. Learn new skills. Regularly planned programs provide information that is helpful to paralegals in a variety of specializations. Some of these programs will give you access to knowledge about practice areas outside of your specialization.
  7. Find out about pro bono opportunities that are available to you. Take advantage of an opportunity to use your skills to help others enhance their access to legal assistance.
  8. Learn what paralegals in other parts of the country and in the world are doing, what their job limitations are, and what they do to enhance their skills and help their communities.
  9. Find job opportunities.
  10. Get valuable discounts on car rentals, continuing education, hotel reservations, insurance, entertainment and more!

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