Dedicated to the progress and advancement of all paralegals.

Mission Statement

The primary objectives of New York City Paralegal Association, Inc. (NYCPA) are education: providing members with career guidance and Continue Legal Education (CLE) seminars; network opportunities; global, national, and state; proficiency standards; and Professional recognition. The NYCPA is dedicated to promoting the professional growth of paralegals and the advancement of the paralegal profession. Our vision is to develop a strong association that encourages interaction among students, entry-level and experienced paralegals to facilitate the exchange of insightful information, advice, and guidance to build successful careers.

History and Purpose

In a dynamic, metropolitan city like New York, the paralegal profession has experienced tremendous growth, progressively becoming more challenging in job responsibilities and more competitive in compensation and benefits. The founding members of the NYCPA saw an opportunity to create a professional association that would represent and promote the interests of paralegal professionals for this region. We would like to introduce you to the New York City Paralegal Association, Inc. (NYCPA) incorporated on May 25, 2007. We have created a viable medium dedicated to the professional advancement of all paralegals working in the New York Metropolitan area! Our vision is to develop a strong professional association that encourages meaningful interaction amongst entry level and experienced paralegals, as well as paralegal students. We envision that our members will engage in the exchange of insightful information and advice that will help to guide and build successful careers. NYCPA provides numerous opportunities for our members to participate in various conferences, network events, seminars that aid our members' legal education. The NYCPA forums, like our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages extend our public and member outreach, offer paralegals and students a place to connect – to discuss topics of interest, post questions and answers, and pass on job opportunities via NYCPA's partnership with legal employment agencies.

Diversity Commitment

The New York City Paralegal Association (NYCPA) recognizes the need to recruit and retain the best and brightest people and bring the widest range of ideas, experiences and approaches to bear on the issues facing its members, prospective members, and paralegals at large. We declare that we have been and remain committed to ensuring that diversity manifests itself in our association. The NYCPA’ s membership and governing body are reflective of the rich diversity in New York City. This combined with our professional talent make the NYCPA an exceptional organization.

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