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Finance Committee

This committee reviews expenses proposed to be incurred on behalf of the Association and to submit approved expenditures to the Executive Board of Directors to authorize all disbursements. It also works with law firms, legal staffing agencies and legal departments to advertise paralegal openings for the benefit of members. This committee is also responsible for generating revenue from sponsors and ad placements on the official website and newsletter. The duties of this committee encompass the following:
  • Review expenses to be incurred on behalf of association
  • Authorize all disbursements
  • Present proposed non-budgeted expenditures at a general membership meeting for approval by a majority of the Voting Members present
  • Prepare a budget for each fiscal year to be approved by the Board of Directors and adopted by the membership
  • Coordinate with Job Target contact, placement of job listings from law firms, legal departments and legal staffing agencies to be advertised to our members
  • Coordinate, schedule and implement fundraising and sponsorships for the association
This committee chairperson will be assisted by Sales Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator and Job Bank Coordinator to ensure the efficient execution of all of its duties/functions.

To get involved contact Treasurer.
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