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How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Desirable

08 Mar 2020 9:47 AM | Deleted user

Social media has been more of a reliable resource for finding prospects, jobs, new talent, and partners than ever before. One of the most popular social networking sites in the year of 2020 is LinkedIn: a social networking site when it comes to online “business networking.” Did you know that LinkedIn has actually been around longer than Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram? But it is more relevant now than ever. 

You are probably wondering to yourself, “is it important to have a LinkedIn profile?” The answer is, yes. Why? According to, “LinkedIn hosts more than 500 million professional profiles, which means nearly an unlimited supply of network connections and job opportunities. From seeking a new job to maintaining your personal brand, LinkedIn is an important part of being a full-fledged professional in any industry these days.” Your profile gives you the ability to showcase your expertise, connections, skills and achievements.

Learn how to build a professional and better LinkedIn profile with the few tips below.

Profile Picture: The quality of your LinkedIn profile picture is very important. Your picture is a key element of your LinkedIn presence. According to Lydia Abbot, the Blog Editor and Contest Marketer at LinkedIn, research showed that just having a picture makes your profile (14) fourteen times more likely to be viewed by others. 

Get someone such as a friend or family member to take your photo – do not take a selfie. Make your pose simple, put the focus on your face, look friendly and stick to your office wardrobe (there’s no need to dress up unnecessarily). Standard office clothes will do. The only exception to this rule is for casual work environments), and do not over edit your picture. Try to avoid small, low-resolution images and your ideal size is 400 x 400 pixels. For more tips to have a better LinkedIn profile picture, click here

Write an Interesting Headline and Summary: LinkedIn data shows that you only have (5) five to (10) ten seconds to impress a potential employer online and one of the very first things they see is your headline. Your headline should answer the question, “Why should I stop and click on this profile?” Have a specific header such as highlight your unique value proposition. The more detailed your headline is, the better. 

Think of your summary as a cover letter - as it is supposed to give people a better sense of who you are. Show off your personality, keep it short by removing superlatives and write in an active voice, and have a pitch: elaborate on your passions, skills and unique story. Click herefor more tips to making a better LinkedIn profile summary.

Customizing Your URL: Your LinkedIn profile URL is important because it enhances your personal brand, control how you appear when people search for you online, use the URL on your resume and on personal business cards. Click here for directions of how to change your public profile URL.

These tips will help you make a better profile. It will wow your future connections and grow your influence on LinkedIn. What are your tips to making a LinkedIn profile desirable and interesting? Write your tips or advice below to help other readers with their profile.

Also, do not forget to download the LinkedIn Mobile App on your electronic device or devices.

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