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07 Aug 2019 8:41 PM | Mariana Fradman (Administrator)

A question was submitted to NYCPA:

As applied to Regulation D Private Placements there are Jurisdictional NASAA Legends.  What book or website  would I need to find out the Legend requirements for Israel, UK, and Europe? I'm aware that there is a more "general" foreign legend. Would that be more appropriate? where would I find one? I will be applying them to a "clear sky" continual offering for 100mm. For disclosure purposes- the issuer exemption is being utilized. As for forms when attracting foreign investors with or without using a "portal" what forms are required and to whom do I submit them. Is it possible that my questions and more that I may not be aware that I have are answerable in one or more horn or nutshell books?
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