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New Benefits for NYCPA Members.

28 Aug 2016 9:45 PM | Mariana Fradman (Administrator)
Greetings paralegal members and followers,
We are interested in providing you with substantial benefits for your membership and to encourage our followers to join the New York Paralegal Association by rewarding them for reading our newsletter, The Buzz, liking and contributing to our posts on Facebook and Linked In as well as stopping by and checking our website. We will be posting questions on all forms of communication just mentioned. These questions will serve two purposes: to help us with the demographics of our subscribers and followers, and to help us verify that our we are indeed engaging our readers.

The rewards will be free webinars on a variety of legal topics - that can be downloaded and watched on demand - many of which come with power point presentations with which you can read separately and have. Recipients will have a choice of several each time - and your participation will help us determine what legal areas of interest NYC-PA should cover. This will not be a drawing. All participants will receive a link to view and download.
Here is an example; On our webiste, An article this month posted by the Treasurer in the Mentor blog discussed "3 Things Hiring Managers Actually Discuss After the Interview". Name one of them
In order to answer the question, readers must consult the article mentioned on the website. Please submit answers to:
Everyone who submits a correct answer will be sent a link to webinars on one of these topics - their choice:
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Bankruptcy
  • Guardianship
Here is another exmple:

Select a Facebook event/webinar announcement from our page and submit a comment on whether you have registered, and why you chose that topic.
On August 7, there was a webinar about "Tort liability". Did you register or not and why? Did you watch the webinar and/or did you learn anything from it? By submitting a meaningful comment and adding to our Facebook and/or Linked In activity you will earn a link to download a FREE webinar.
Belline Manopla
New York City Paralegal Association, Inc.
Research Coordinator
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