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Copy of Mentor vs Business Consultant

07 Mar 2024 8:14 PM | Mariana Fradman (Administrator)

By: Bruce Hurwitz, Ph.D.

Everyone has things that bother them. They are annoying and every so often a person has something they want to "get off their chest." As you may have guessed, I have something I want to get off my chest.

Occasionally, someone calls and asks if I will be their mentor. It is an honor. That said, I am rather selective because I do not want to waste my time or the prospective mentee's. When I start to interview them, and they realize I may not agree to their request, they then make a fatal mistake: They offer to pay me. When I tell them that mentors are not paid, they tell me about friends who actually pay their "mentors" for their services. I will now tell you what I tell them.

Mentors do not get paid. They help a person because they want to help them advance in their career, not to fatten their own bank accounts. A mentor's "payment" is the satisfaction of seeing their mentee succeed and advance.

Business consultants are paid. They too want their clients to succeed and advance, but they want to be paid for their advice. First and foremost, they are in it for themselves. There is nothing wrong with that. It is not immoral, indecent or illegal. It's perfectly fine. It's just not mentoring, it's consulting.

If you want someone to advise you out of the goodness of their heart, someone who is only interested in your advancement, get a mentor. If you want your very own employee (after all, if you pay someone they work for you!) hire a business consultant.

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