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12 Tips to Help You -- and Your Career -- Thrive in 2013

13 Jan 2013 11:39 PM | Mariana Fradman (Administrator)

12 Tips to Help You -- and Your Career -- Thrive in 2013
By Vicki Voisin, ACP

As you kick off the New Year, instead of "resolutions" look for "real solutions" that will help you grow and flourish in the 12 months ahead.

Here are 12 tips to help you make 2013 one of your best years ever:

1.    Look for the opportunities and be prepared to take advantage of them.

2.    When you make plans, back them up with action. A plan without action is just a wish.

3.   Doing what's right may not be the easiest way, but it is the best way.

4.    When you encounter negativity, respond with education instead of anger.

5.    Nourish your mind every day with new information that educates, motivates and inspires you.

6.    Deliver on your promises and exceed expectations.

7.    Always ask, “What can I learn from this situation?”

8.    Do not be a follower. Instead, find the courage to be your unique self.

9.    In addition to work that pays, do work that matters.

10.    When you start a project, always be working on the end result you want.

11.    Avoid fixating on disturbing news and disasters that you can do nothing about.

12.    Rather than complain, create a solution.

What would you add to this list? Follow this link to leave a comment at my blog.


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