In the dead of the summer, with everyone on vacation, it was amazing to find representatives from over 30 law firms and corporations, to spend a day talking about Project Management.  With over 151 attendees, representing every profession within the legal community, attendees were engaged, and enlightened by the panels and phenomenal speakers.  Panels were filled with intelligent, entertaining industry leaders who provided real, honest answers to questions.  I think this event set a NYC record, not only in attendance, but also in identifying so many individuals who understand, we all have to work together.

Kara Buzga
Paralegal Manager

Estate Planning and Administration Seminar – July 30th 2014

Dear Mariana,

Thank you very much for your all of your hard work and service to the Paralegal community in organizing the Wills, Trusts and Estates seminar. Also, I would like to compliment and thank your Paralegal Manager, Thomas Daly, and your firm, Kaye Scholer, LLP, for their contributions of the conference space, refreshments and, most of all, for their time and for warmly welcoming all of us.
Also, I would like to thank the four speakers for their thoroughly prepared and highly informative presentations on the latest developments in this area of law.

I wish that the formidable Arlene Harris had been able to share more time and her wisdom with us. I am grateful for Roman Aminov's thorough and in depth presentation on Medicaid planning for seniors (including the pitfalls). Stephen Weiner's clarity, preparation, and wealth of experience permeated his well organized talk on capacity, Power(s) of Attorney, Health Care Proxies, and Living Wills.

What I absolutely love about Zahava Schecter's presentations is that she is a consummate teacher par excellence, who engages her audience, makes (us) think, and communicates on multiple levels simultaneously. I have been privileged to see other professionals (CLE teachers) stand in awe of her energy and teaching ability. Her talk on Estate Litigation For Paralegals (on its own) was worth double the price of admission.

Throughout, it was apparent how Paralegals serve in key capacities in this complex and interesting field.

Also, during my work experience as a Paralegal, I have come to appreciate how dramatically and meaningfully legal practice affects the quality of life of the clients we serve. This is particularly true in the area of Estate planning. More than the fees, which the speakers have earned in their legal practices is the deep and lasting effect on people's lives (of their services), which have made a key difference to each of them.

At the last, speakers gave generously of their time and talents, staying to answer questions, which were raised. And, some of the attendees asked probing questions regarding the tax implications, and the ramifications of estate planning.

Overall, I think that the material was very well presented and received.

With peace and blessings,


Matthew C. Walters-Bowens, NYCPA Paralegal Schools Liaison spoke to Paralegal Students at the Brooklyn campus, Bramson Ort Institute - December 19, 2013


Thank you for coming to the Brooklyn campus to speak with paralegal students today.  Your presentation was professional, interesting, and substantive.  We learned a great deal about your background, the IP field, and the NYCPA.  We will be featuring your visit with photos on the college website and will send you a link when it appears.

Thank you again for your time and willingness to speak with our students.

Prof. Aicha Cesar's class in Queens on Monday, 1/6/14, from 6-8:30 p.m. will certainly also benefit from your presentation."

W. Zehava Schechter, Esq.

Coordinator and Instructor, Paralegal Program

Bramson Ort College


"Hello Mariana,

I want to thank you for the invitation to the workshop. I enjoyed my time there and took a deep message from the story given by the gentleman that spoke. Although I did not stay the whole time, I got the opportunity to meet you and based on what I felt and saw, further convince myself that I want to be part of the association... 

Thanks for everything.   

All the best,  


ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys - November 14, 2013

"Dear Mariana,
I wanted to thank you for arranging the CLE seminar last night on real property surveying. Speaker James Brown of Bock and Clark Alta Surveys was possibly one of the most knowledgeable speakers we have ever had for a NYCPA seminar.
Attendance was sparse, but those who missed out really lost a great opportunity to learn about what goes into creating a survey, the history, current practices and standardization of land title surveys, and how to read and evaluate surveys, and what to specify, regarding property transfers, boundary, environmental, topographical, zoning, encumbrances, and other issues. This is essential information both for paralegal professionals and homeowners alike, as the value and advisability of property purchases are based on the factors contained and evaluated in surveys. Mr. Brown distributed invaluable materials in a packet, which explains in detail how to evaluate and specify survey information, according to the needs of commercial and residential interested parties.
I loved the interactive electronic survey, and introduction to modern survey robots, which have finally replaced George Washington’s transom!
There is so much more information which is encompassed by this field, which paralegals should know, if they are involved in litigation, and/or real property transactions, trust and estate law, etc. I am glad that the speaker offered to serve as a resource for attendees, and to come back for future CLEs, in the areas which were touched upon, but require in depth treatment for better understanding.
Thank you so much for the excellence of this and other invaluable CLE programs, which enhance our skills immeasurably."

- With peace and blessings,


Dear Ellen,
Thank you so much for the kind words!
Presenting to the group on Thursday was a pleasure. I really enjoy when the presentations are interactive with a lot of questions and discussion. It keeps me on my toes.
Thanks again and hope to work with you all again.

One source for ALTA Surveys, Aerial Surveys, Zoning Reports and Environmental & Assessment Services Nationwide
James J. Brown, National Network Department Manager
NEW ADDRESS:  3550 West Market Street, Suite 200, Akron, OH 44333
1-800-787-8397 ext. 835

USO Walk - November 10, 2013 

Dear Stephanie and Marianna,

It was great to work with you both on the USO Remembrance Walk. I just wanted to send a thank you to you both and to the rest of Team NYCPA for all of your help and support this year. We were even covered on the news! See the link here:

Thanks again! - Jaime


Jaime T. Zagami
Manager, Development
USO of Metropolitan New York
1601 Broadway, 11th Floor
New York, New York 10019-7434
Telephone: (212) 695-5590 ext. 226
Facsimile: (212) 541-4378

Intellectual Property Law for Paralegals - October 24, 2013

"The seminar went off well, it was useful and provided a lot of information - concepts in fashion IP including Trademarks (including demonstrating and explaining clearly what are counterfeits and the interesting concept of "trade dresses"), Copyrights and Patents (both utility and design patents). Both civil and criminal enforcement angles were explained and products demonstrated to clearly show what is protectable and what is not. The talk about the role of paralegals focused mainly on the challenges posed by the many deadlines that have to be met. The food was very good as were the other arrangements. The food included plenty of vegetarian items so I was quite happy :). One thing that we should ask for is copies of the presentations for reference." -Pranay Waghray 

"Dear Mariana,

Thank you so much for arranging the "Intellectual Property Law for Paralegals" seminar held yesterday at Louis Vuitton North America, Inc.  I felt that it was an excellent seminar and extremely informative." -

 Ann Scavetta

Mentor Program Workshop - August 21, 2013

Thank you, Mariana for having the workshop at Berkeley College yesterday.  It looks like the turnout was excellent and I am sorry I missed most of the presentation.  I hope it was a big success.
Please count on us for any of your workshop needs.
Marisol Abuin, JD
Chair, Legal Studies and Special Projects
212-986-4343, ext. 4401

Good Morning, Mariana,

I want to thank you for putting together a wonderful Mentor workshop.  I received some very good advice on my resume and I thought the presenters had some excellent points.

Just want to let you know that the NYC Paralegal Association is making a difference in my life and from what I saw last night I think it’s helping quite a few people.

Thanks again, 

Cheryl Rosenfield


I was at the workshop too. Besides the excellent quality of the suggestions and feedback provided by the recruiters who did an open review of a couple of resumes. I received very valuable individual feedback from two recruiters - which showed me that there is more than one way to present and evaluate a resume - and both are equally valid, depending on what position one applies for. It is about conveying enough to get the attention of the recruiter or client to invite one for an interview - some prefer one page, some do not care if it is in more. 

This was an extremely valuable event, very well organized and conducted - started on time as usual but extended well beyond 9 pm! Even at that late hour, recruiters were still patiently providing valuable feedback!
My deep appreciation for this to Mariana, Nicolette and to NYCPA for going the extra distance to make an excellent event happen, one more time! And to the recruiters who took the time to be present and to provide valuable feedback, so patiently. Thank you!

Pranay Waghray


Dear Mariana,

Thank you very much for the mentoring workshop, which you hosted last night with Nicolette. I am always amazed by the caliber of the speakers at NYCPA events.
The room was filled to capacity with members and Paralegal students, who were eager to receive specific guidance on how to improve their resumes and interviewing techniques. When we broke into small groups, each person received individualized attention from the expert head hunters.
It was particularly helpful to receive new perspectives on the current job market, for those of us who have had difficulties gaining experience and breaking into the Paralegal profession in our 40s, 50s and 60s.
As a winner of the raffle, I wanted to thank the NYCPA for giving me a fee waiver certificate for a future event of my choice.
Your unceasing generosity of spirit continues to amaze and inspire me.
With peace and blessings,

 Ellen Schwalb

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