Nadeige Pochette

 Website/Newsletter Committee Chair

Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator



Born in Brooklyn, New York, Nadeige Pochette has returned to the Big Apple after completing several years of service for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She is the eldest of an immigrant Christian family, originating from the island of Haiti. Her parents, Eudele and Phiston Wesley Pochette are strong believers in the value of an education. They understood early on what an education could do economically for the underrepresented minority and placed high emphasis on academic excellence, conduct and etiquette. Their vision was to see their children achieve success in the family, church and community and so they instilled in Nadeige, the principles of discipline and stewardship. 

Nadeige is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts in Lowell; holding a Bachelor of Liberal Art’s degree in Music and Pre-law. During her tenure at the University, she was actively associated with her peers through student activity groups such as The Association of Students of African Origin, Student Government and The Escort Service. These groups gave her the opportunity to demonstrate leadership by being part of enhancing student-life.  The culminations of these efforts were finally recognized when she received the Student Services Award in 2001. In May 2003 she was named Director by Chief Patricia Reardon of the U-Mass Lowell Police Department. 

Today Nadeige’s primary focus is serving the diverse public as an advocate for the arts, creating opportunity for cultural and social reform. When she is away from her desk, she enjoys a second career as a free-lance musician and has recently performed with the Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church Choir under the leadership of Pastor Jeremy H Upton in Miami, Florida. Currently she serves on the New York City Paralegal Association’s Website and Newsletter Committee and became appointed to Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator on April 9, 2013.

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