Dedicated to the progress and advancement of all paralegals.

Summer Social Networking Event
at 5th & Mad
August 6, 2019







Mentor Program Workshop at Berkeley College
July 23, 2019





Paralegal Day at Plaza College
July 2, 2019

Job Fair at Berkeley College
June 20, 2019

ESAPA Spring Meeting Hosted by NYCPA and Nixon Peabody LLP
May 18-19, 2019 (CLICK to view more pictures)

NYCPA General Meeting with Key Note Speaker: Terrie Campell, CEO, Esquire Deposition Solutions LLC. May 2, 2019 (CLICK to view pictures)

Vulnerable Vendors: 3-14-2019 @ Esquire Deposition Solutions LLC

NYCPA with Presenters Jim Ballowe, CIO, and Halley J. Peters, Esq.

Mentor Program Workshop: 11-27-18
Berkeley College, NYC

NYCPA with Yorkson Legal, Robert Half Legal and Lucas Staffing 


NYCPA: Word for Legal Professionals Event: 11-13-18



August 22nd, 2018 Summer Social (click to view pics)


NYCPA President William Strachan representing us at Berkeley College Career Day, June 13, 2018.

2018 NYCPA GRADUATION PARTY  (click to view pics)

NYC College of Technology Mentor Program Workshop
February 22, 2018
Photo Credits: Bill Strachan, NYCPA President
Photo Edits: Diane Bongiomi "Ruki"

Berkeley College Not-For-Profit Fair
May 10, 2017
NFPA Joint Conference | Hosted by NYCPA
April 28-30, 2017

* NYCPA November General Meeting and Election  


* Walk For American Cancer Society  - October 16, 2016

Left to Right: Denise Tuzo, Joshua Normand, Bill Strachan and Nadeige Pochette

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* Liz Padilla Memorial 5K Run| Brooklyn Bar Association  - October 2, 2016




Thank you to all attendees, panelists and sponsors who made this event a success. With 150+ people representing 30 firms, government agencies, vendors, in attendance, the room was full of energy. This event was an excellent opportunity to bring litigation paralegals and specialists, paralegal managers and coordinators, e-discovery specialists and court managers together to learn and keep current with trends in the industry, refresh knowledge, make decisions to study and sit for different types of certifications available from NFPA, ACEDS and many other resources as well as network with established professionals. All attendees came home with ‘goodie’ bags filled with promotional pens, notepads and other freebies sponsored by our presenters and sponsors. Our special thanks to Kara Buzga, Paralegal Manager at Mayer Brown LLP, who hosted the event. Kara dedicated a lot of time to make this event a smashing success. 

We had many surprised faces when raffles were drown through the day. Winners came home with Mets and Jets tickets, gift cards, t-shirts, books, free or discounted membership at NYCPA and free NYCPA event of choice. 



Pictures by Bill Strachan

*The First Paralegal Coffee & Conversation Round-Table*

The first Paralegal Coffee, & Conversation Round -table was a success!! Even though the table wasn't exactly round - but oblong,  and even though the venue was a little on the loud side, the attendees were able to share a bit about themselves and stories.  The final group consisted of 3 board members, and 6 attendees.  The goal was to acquaint paralegals with each other in an informal way and to impart information - so that we could learn from one another.  We all asked questions and wanted opinions of the others.  This was a productive meeting and hopefully there will be more.
Thanks to Jessica Mieles, Bill Strachan for aiding Belline Manopla and adding to the event in a meaningful way!

        *  William Strachan In Community Service  - June 29, 2016

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* Summer Meeting With Shaun Pilcher/Immediate Past President of NYCPA  - June 23, 2016

From left: Nikki Doughty, Belline Manopla, Nadeige Pochette and Jessica Crisalli-Weimer

From right: Mariana Fradman, William Strachan, Shaun Pilcher and Jessica Mieles

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* Promoting NYCPA Nationally and Internationally  - May 9, 2016


From left to right: Diane Bongiorni - orignally from Pittsburgh, PA now of Washington, DC
Stephanie DeChellis - Nurse/Midwife, Sydney, Australia
Katrrina Kovacs - Department of Corrections, Sydney, Australia.
Thank you for representing and promoting NYCPA, Bill Strachan!

* Berkeley Career Fair  - April 19, 2016

Tomorrow's Future Leaders in Law

* USO Run/Walk  - April 09, 2016

* Berkeley Career Fair  - October 20, 2015

Nadeige Pochette (left) and Jairo Borja (right)

* NYCI Career Fair Expo - June 19, 2015

* NYCPA Annual Membership Appreciation Dinner, General Meeting and Election - June 4, 2015




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List of Sponsors, Speakers and Vendors

* Legal Research and Writing Workshop - May 13, 2015


* Bankruptcy and Business Law Seminar - November 12, 2014



*On October 29, 2014, Mariana Fradman, Mentor Program Chairperson, spoke with Bramson Ort College's Paralegal Department students at the Main campus. President Dr. David Kanani and W. Zehavea Schechter, Esq., Paralegal Program Director, joined  the informative and interesting presentation which covered paralegal employment opportunities and role of NYCPA and NFPA organizations.




* Estate Planning and Administration Seminar-July 30, 2014


Speakers: Zehava Schechter, Esq., Roman Aminov, Esq., and Stephen Weiner, Esq. 

*June 25th, 2014 - The Paralegal Department at Bramson ORT College hosted the New York City Paralegal Association's Summer Mentor Program Workshop.


* Second Annual Graduation Celebration- June 18, 2014

"NYCPA Recognizes Tomorrow's Future Leaders"









       *Walk MS New York City - Southern New York - May 4, 2014




* National Federation of Paralegal Associations Membership Award



* NYCPA Annual Membership Dinner- January16, 2014








*December 20, 2013 - Matthew C. Walters-Bowens, Paralegal Schools Liaison visited Paralegal Students at Bramson Ort College, the Brooklyn campus


*December 3, 2013 - Year-End Professional Networking Event




*September 10, 2013 - NYCPA Baby Shower "Congratulations Channet"







*July 24, 2013 - Graduation Party



*June 12, 2013 - Life Preservers Inc. B-Discovery Annual Fundraising benefit the Somaly Mam Foundation


*NYCPA Meets Japanese Paralegal Association 6-10-13


*April 28, 2013 - Walk MS NYC/Southern New York        

 National Multiple Sclerosis Society



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