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NFPA: Questions Answered

So You Have a Question About NFPA … Who Do You Call?
Helen M. Federline, Region II Director

When a question comes up that is related to NFPA, do you know where to look or who to contact for answers? NFPA has established a sequence that should be followed by members when searching for NFPA information. First, members should check the NFPA website. If they are unable to find the information or answer they’re looking for, they should contact a member or members of their local association’s Board of Directors – preferably their NFPA Primary and/or Secondary representative. If their Board member is unable to answer the question, or resolve the issue, the next person to contact is your Region Director. The decision to push the question or issue to the Region Director should be made by your Board. If your Region Director can’t handle it themselves, they will take it to the appropriate NFPA Coordinator or Coordinators, the appropriate NFPA Board member or the entire NFPA Board of Directors, or NFPA headquarters. Once the Region Director has the answer or has gotten the issue resolved, they will let you know. We ask that members not contact headquarters directly; but rather do so through their Region Director. This will help keep administrative expenses down.

Frequently, the issue members have is non-receipt of the National Paralegal Reporter magazine. Usually, this happens because the member has moved or changed jobs, but they have forgotten to give their new address to their local association. It is very important that you keep your address (and email address, too) current with your local association. More and more, associations are communicating with their members electronically to reduce costs; so to keep up with what’s happening, your email address should be kept current. If you miss an issue of the Reporter, and your address is current with your association, ask your Primary or Secondary rep to check on it for you. Most of the time, NFPA will send you a new copy. The only occasions that back issues are not sent out is (1) when an association is in default on their NFPA dues; or (2) the association has failed to submit two consecutive mailing lists to NFPA. You can see, then, why it is critical to keep your address current with your local association!

When you have questions about the benefits available to you as a member of NFPA (and remember, your association is a member of NFPA, so YOU are a member of NFPA), your Primary or Secondary, and often your Membership VP/Director, has the answers. NFPA provides a member benefits directory to each association, and sends updates as necessary. If your local contacts are unable to answer your questions, they will contact the Region Director for current information. There are many benefits available to NFPA members: discounts on notary association membership and supplies; hotel reservations, car rentals; CLE; flowers & gifts; computer hardware and software. There are several different types of insurance available; delivery discounts; credit union membership; online training; Career Center and more. Check out the benefits on the NFPA website (; there is a comprehensive listing in the members-only area. If you don’t know the password, contact your Primary or Secondary.

Another benefit is the number of different avenues available for networking with your peers across the country. Check out the LinkedIn and Facebook links on the NFPA home page; look for information on the many listservs also available to NFPA members.
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